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Dear volunteer from abroad

Hopefully, you have enough time to prepare for the big journey to India.

We are looking forward to your arrival and the common journey ahead of us.


  1. You need to travel health insurance and a visa. You will have to apply for an E4 Visa. This is an employment visa for volunteers.
  2. Vaccinations are not compulsory but 1. a booster of DTP and 2. Typhoid vaccination is recommended. You can get these vaccinations also in India in case you have not yet done them.
  3. Please bring a mosquito net and mosquito repellent.
  4. We will provide bed sheets and blankets. You can bring your own towels. Please bring thin ones, not the thick “Turkish” Towels…
  5. Important is that you bring biodegradable Soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, etc. etc. need to be biodegradable. We recycle all our wastewater and need to keep the water free of chemicals.
  6. Water is “gold” in our community. This means that all have to use our water with care. Our daily baths are with half a bucket of water only. No showers.
  7. We do not use toilet paper. We have water sprays in all the toilets to clean yourself with. The usage of toilet paper is not Indian and besides that, the paper would block our recycling unit.
  8. We are a vegetarian Non-vegetarian food cannot be consumed on campus. Eggs are allowed.
  9. The consumption of alcohol, smoking, and usage of any kind of drugs is not allowed on campus. Excessive use of alcohol or drugs, outside of the community is also not allowed.
  10. Try to limit the number of electronic gadgets you bring along. We are basically a “mobile free “community. Volunteers can use their phones and laptops etc before 06.30 am, between 14.00 and 15.30 and after 20.30 pm. Otherwise, the phones have to stay in the bedrooms. We encourage social networking “life”.
  11. Our office has Wi-Fi, which you can use freely during the allotted hours.
  12. Do bring your musical instruments and hobby materials!
  13. We have a library where you can borrow books. English, German-Dutch, Kannada.
  14. We have certain expectations regarding the clothes you will wear. Your clothes need to be without holes. Sexy clothes are not helpful in our social therapeutic community and need to be avoided. This means for the women that they have to wear clothes which cover the legs, breasts, and shoulders. The clothes should also not be tight.  The traditional dressing style of the Indians is very colorful and the style supports our dressing code completely. Advice: do not bring too many clothes because you might want to get yourself some Indian outfits… We also have a stock of second-hand clothes from ex-volunteers…
  15. Between 22.00 and 06.00 it needs to be quiet on campus.
  16. We wear different footwear indoors and outdoors. Two pairs of simple flip-flops will do eg…
  17. Bring at least one warm sweater and a few socks for the nights and wintertimes. Otherwise most of the year the weather is pleasant in the daytime. Like a European Summer…
  18. All volunteers receive weekly pocket money of Rs 500.
  19. Do provide us with your arrival details Flight number, Airlines, date and time. We arrange for a known taximan to pick you up from the airport. We will pay for the taxi. During the night the trip will be about 1 hour. In the daytime 2 to 2.5 hours…. Do send me also the phone number, which you use while traveling.
  20. Our phone number: 9945326740


All the best with your preparations! Good luck with the visa application.

Do not hesitate to mail any questions which you still might have.

We from our side will do our level best to make you feel comfortable and at home as soon as possible…

It’s a great opportunity to join a life sharing community with special friends

It has enriched already many lives before…

See you soon!

Warm regards from Francis Aradhya on behalf of all the members of  “Friends of Camphill India”.