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Candidates & Their family

Candidates & Their family

We at Camphill follow a social-therapy approach. The heart of Camphill is our friends, while we merely facilitate things for them. space begins with our friends, while co-workers simply work as bridges between their needs, and negotiating the world to fulfill them.

Camphill is ability-positive. Here, our friends live and work in an interdependent community, participating in the houses they live in on their own terms, all while discovering the truest extent of our potential – an approach markedly different from the world at large, where our friends are forced to “keep up”, or worse, are left behind.

We work towards bridging a life of dignity and mutual respect for everybody, irrespective of their abilities.

Information for parents

We would like to give you some information regarding the admission procedure.

After we receive the completed application documents we will discuss the details in our co-worker’s team. Within a month you will receive an email with our reply. Either we will invite you for an interview or we will express our inability to help you at this point in time.

The interview has to be attended by the candidate, both parents, siblings, and the local guardian. It will take half a day.

After the interview, once more a coworkers team will review the application and the interview. Then we will decide whether we find the candidate suitable for a trial period of three months.

During these three months, the contact with the family will be restricted to one phone call per week.

The last evaluation will possibly bring the final admission of the candidate into the residential community as a permanent member.

We have two compulsory holidays for all the residents: Two weeks in the Summer and two weeks after Christmas.

Your financial commitment: Monthly we expect a contribution of Rs 8000 Annually this amount will be revised.

The Bank details of the account of Friends of Camphill India

Bank: Canara Bank

Branch: Halasuru

Account No: 0791101024896

Type of Account: Savings Bank

Account Name: Friends of Camphill India

IFSC Code: CNRB0000791

Branch Code: 000791

Micr Code: 560015060